Dodge Ram
5.7 HEMI


My story

The exception that proves the rule. 

Because it cannot be called a true vintage at all, but it is definitely special, since the type itself is special on this side of the world, especially since the previous owner probably fell asleep on the Enter button when ordering the car and requested all the existing extras.

By the way, we fell in love with Pickups during a trip to America.
After they arrived home, we immediately started looking for something, and after many, many searches, we found this HEMI motorcycle monster. 🙂 

Compared to the basic version, this car is 6" higher and instead of the already small factory wheels, it was equipped with even bigger ones.
So now there are 35" tires on 22" rims.

5.7-liter HEMI Sport 424 horsepower, 8-speed automatic disk shift, all-wheel drive + differential locks. And it is not easy at all to list all the extras.

Dodge Ram 5.7 HEMI (2017)



1 or more hour
40 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 60 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • 80 000 Ft for 3 hours.
  • All additional hours
    + 20 000 Ft
  • Only available for rent with assistance!


1 or more hour
30 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • All additional hours
    + 15 000 Ft

Rental conditions for weddings and photoshoot