Porsche 911/993 4S Gemballa RSR


My story

Immediately after leaving the Porsche factory, this car went to the well-known Gemballa tuning company who performed numerous modifications on it.

It's a really special car, due to the many special extras as even at this time you had to pay a huge amount of money to produce the car without a sliding roof, which was already standard equipment at the time.

Its engine is a 3.8-liter aspirated engine with approximately 330 horsepower, the performance of which is delivered to the road through the longest-ratio 6-speed manual transmission produced at the time, and with all-wheel drive.
Its factory top speed is 334 km/h.

Silver metal factory paint, burgundy extra leather interior is paired with burgundy carpets.

We saw it for the first time in 2014, and in an unexpected turn it ended up in our garage in 2015.

Porsche 911/993 4S Gemballa RSR (1996)



1 or more hour
30 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • All additional hours
    + 15 000 Ft

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