Porsche 914/4
Targa Convertible


My story

Attilió's story is also special in that he came home to Hungary from America but he also belonged to 2 Hungarians in America.

10 years ago, we noticed it in a rather dilapidated state in a garden in Balatongyörök and after ringing the doorbell, a very likeable young man - born in 1938 - opened the door, with whom we immediately made a deep friendship and since then have done quite a few great business. 

Our very first sales contract resulted in the 914 Targa.

2400 cm3 4-cylinder boxer engine with Weber carburetors, with contemporary Ansa exhaust system, 5-speed reverse manual transmission (one speed reverse, two forward, etc.) all strengthen the Targa's special features. It was factory fitted with 4-bolt Porsche FUCHS rims and we haven't even talked about the factory white colorand the still intact, original black artificial leather interior. 

Porsche 914/4 <br>Targa Convertible



1 or more hour
30 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • All additional hours
    + 15 000 Ft

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