VW Bogár Coupe


My story

We already talked a lot about the history of the Volkswagen Beetle in the case of the Maggiolino - our 1977 VW Beetle convertible - but due to its popularity and our eternal fandom, we already knew that it would not be the only Beetle in our fleet. És ez így is lett. 🙂

Piri is a Volkswagen 1300 Coupe Beetle from 1969. At that time, starting in the 1960's the gearbox was completely synchronized, and the ball-headed chassis replaced the suspension pins. The lever index goneand the new indexes have appeared on top of the front fenders. It was factory-equipped with a 1300 cm3 engine, which is 40 HP, but instead it got a 1500 cm3 engine with a 44 HP engine. It underwent a complete renovation, during which it received a beautiful red paint and then a completely new, complete upholstery.

Szintén egy véletlennek köszönhető, hogy Piri hozzánk került. Előző tulajdonosát régről ismerjük már, segítséget kért tőlünk az autó eladásában, mi pedig egy percet sem gondolkodva azonnal “befogadtuk” a flottába a kis Pirosat. 🙂

Volkswagen Bogár 1300 Coupe - Bérelhető veterán autó esküvőre, fotózásra, élményvezetésre



For 1 hour, more hours, or 1 day
55 000 Ft
for one day
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • 35 000 Ft for an hour


for one day
55 000 Ft
for one day
  • Maximum 9:00 - 19:00 óráig


1 or more hour
30 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • All additional hours
    + 15 000 Ft

Rental Conditions