Volkswagen T2 Doka


My story

This T2 bus of ours, manufactured in 1975, was originally made for the Austrian military, in an extremely rare double-cabflatbed design. The name "DOKA" comes from the abbreviation of the German word- doppelkabine - that means double cab.

After being discharged from the military, our little Doka came to the Great Plains and excelled in the construction industry for many years. Its last owner was a doctor, that's why the nickname Doc. We found him in a rather weathered condition. After a few sleepless nights, the results speak for themselves.

The car was repainted to its original color, but we tried to break the grim military look, so we inherited a set of rims from the Porsche 911 of the time and slightly modified its height. This gave it a truly unique look!

WV T2 Doka Vintage Drive Badacsony



for one day
80 000 Ft
for one day
  • Maximum 9:00 - 19:00 óráig
  • Only available for rent with assistance!


1 or more hour
30 000 Ft
for an hour
  • 45 000 Ft for 2 hours
  • All additional hours
    + 15 000 Ft

Rental conditions for weddings and photoshoot